GuildMag Issue 23: The Annual 2018

Welcome to Issue 23 of the GuildMag digital Guild Wars 2 magazine – The Annual 2018!  This year, we again published The Annual as limited edition print issue and also offered a special digital download release – all in benefit of the charitable organization World Child Cancer.  Pre-orders for The Annual closed on December 4 and were shipped worldwide from the U.K. on December 22.  Through this year’s pre-order period, we sold 600 print copies and raised just over $3500 for this fantastic charity.  Thank you to everyone who pre-ordered to help give kids with cancer a chance to receive the invaluable treatment they need! If you missed our pre-order period and would like to donate directly to World Child Cancer, please visit their donation page!

Today, we bring you our normal, free digital release of The Annual with all of the same great content exploring the magic fluctuating through Tyria that shipped in the print and digital download release orders:

  • Articles from MightyTeapot, Chronicles of TyriaKora (GuildLores).
  • Beautiful artwork from AmetatTmattomPern.
  • In-game lore, including a special piece on the Elder Dragons.
  • A unique timeline of Tyrian world events by the talented littleMURE offered as three A3-sized posters!

All this plus our usual including lore by Draxynnic and Phoenix, fantastic editorials on bounties, the magic systems of Tyria, not to mention fashion awesomeness by Amala!  We’re pretty proud of this issue so have fun exploring its digital pages!

Download Magazine (PDF)

In This Issue

  • Tyria in Flux
    Kora presents an overview on the fluctuations of magic we’ve seen in Tyria …
  • Bounties: A Visual Guide to Unstable Magic Abilities
    Want to know how to take down those nasty bounty bosses? Amala & Maiirin have got you covered.
  • Raiding Misconceptions
    The one and only MightyTeapot takes us through some common misconceptions about raiding in Guild Wars 2 and offers some advice on how to jump into this end-content.
  • A Forge of Fire and Ice
    Phoenix takes us into the lore behind the Mystic Forge! Find out what raiders learned when they entered Zommoros’ golden world in the latest raid wing, Mythwright Gambit!
  • Community Art
    In this issue we feature custom artwork by Tmattom and Pern throughout the issue, showcasing famous magical landmarks around Tyria; beautiful renditions of Drooburt, the ghostly quaggan, to accompany an epic poem by Starconspirator; and three amazing A3-sized posters of littleMURE’s Tyrian timeline!
  • Guild Spotlight
    Are you on NA and looking for a great WvW guild? Owl Legion is a WvW guild focused on having fun while defending Kaineng’s borderlands and the Eternal Battlegrounds!
  • Empty Shell
    The talented Jalinar from Chronicles of Tyria takes us into the mind of a Leyline Anomaly – why are they here?
  • All this & more!
    This is just a few of the articles included in this issue, so sit back, grab a coffee, and settle in!

If you want to submit your own piece of work for our next issue, you can do so by visting

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