GuildMag Issue 9: A New Dawn

When you explore Guild Wars 2, you’ll often run into all kinds of secrets and mysteries. Characters tell their tales and take you on a journey to explore the world together. They tell the stories of cities, ruins, landscapes, and the world of Tyria as a whole. There are Dragons looming, some of them known, like Zhaitan who rose the Kingdom of Orr during his awakening. Of other dragons only whisperings and observations can be heard and found, one of the best examples being Modremoth, the jungle dragon. Elsewhere, new races are born into the world, peace processes commence and vigilant soldiers gather together to form a force against the dragons.

GuildMag is all about those secrets, mysteries, but also much more. This issue, A New Dawn, presents you with articles on the aforementioned topics, a huge lore interview with Jeff Grubb, Ree Soesbee, and Scott McGough, community expressions, and more!

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In This Issue

  • The Kingdom of Orr
    We delve into the secrets of the drowned nation that was once the home to the human Gods.
  • The Wild and Wonderful World of Fan Art
    We highlight artworks made by fans, this time: MagicnaAnavi, Qvi, and ZeroJigoku
  • The Vigil
    Discover the power of the Vigil
  • Interview with Jeff Grubb, Ree Soesbee, and Scott McGough
    We talk Zephyrites, Kryta, Centaurs, Zhaitan, the August update and other lore-related topics!
  • Modremoth, The Jungle Dragon
    We take a look at the mysterious sixth Elder Dragon and connect all the hints that can be found.
  • The Guild Times
    Hard-hitting Tyrian news.
  • The Ascalonian Peace Process
    Essential reading for new Order initiates
  • The Oldest of the Youngest
    A look at the oldest amongst the Sylvari
  • The Mirage 2.0 – Perceived Value
    Learn how the Trading Post really works
  • The Back Pages
    The last tidbits

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