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GuildMag Launches on Patreon

Dear readers,

Today I’m pleased to announce that GuildMag has joined Patreon. As part of our commitment to engaging with our fans and continuing to grow as a Guild Wars 2 magazine, we are now offering the opportunity for you to support the content we produce and receive some unique rewards in return. With the launch of our Patreon campaign we’re hoping to build a community of readers who enjoy our magazines and want to see them continue; that’s why we’re offering all rewards for being a GuildMag Patron to everyone regardless of how much they choose to pledge. For $1/month, you can help ensure we have the resources to publish more free digital magazines, and also receive rewards such as early access to content and behind-the-scenes posts detailing what we’re currently working on. We’ll never have more than a single $1 reward tier, so any future rewards we add will also be yours!

We think this is a great opportunity for the team behind GuildMag to connect with our readers, and I hope you consider being part of this new community of Patrons. For the full list of rewards available, make sure to visit our Patreon page.

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