The GuildMag Podcast: Episode 1

We’re back with a brand new podcast hosted by Valiant and Kaysee! Each week, on a Thursday, we’ll be discussing everything happening both in-game and across the community, sharing our opinions and inviting you to do the same. Our first episode is now available to view below, along with the usual show notes. Enjoy!

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Show Notes

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  • The Dragon’s Reach: Part 1 has been released! Players have been tasked with gathering allies to meet the rising threat of Mordremoth. The release page can be found here, with the patch notes here.
  • New Gemstore items: Mini Scruffy & Home Portal Stone. Black Lion Chests now have Hair Change Contracts and Monkey King Tonics.
  • New rewards in Dry Top – New kites can now be found in Buried Locked Chests.
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  • General patch opinions
  • Buggy events limited the progress of players due to being required by the Story Journal – did they spoil this release?
  • Would instanced-only progression be better than including events?
  • Lore recap: what are we doing here, exactly?
  • The sylvari & the Pale Tree: she must be hiding something!
  • Other tidbits: temple armour QoL changes; Fort Marriner Waypoint destroyed; new animations for the Lyssa backpiece; the ghost of Fort Salma – homage to what happened, or something more?
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