The GuildMag Podcast: Episode 12

On Tuesday, a new trailer for Tangled Paths was released by ArenaNet. In this week’s show, we speculate on the upcoming Living Story release, as well as exciting expansion rumours from NCsoft. Don’t forget to let us know what you think about the topics discussed in the comments below!

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Show Notes

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  • Tangled Paths is the name of next week’s Living Story release! You can view a trailer of what’s to come here.
  • Gem Store news: Log-R-Tron, Glint’s Gaze and more are now available in the Gem Store! Details here. 
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  • A trailer for Tangled Paths is here! We break it down and speculate what might be involved in Tuesday’s patch, including a new ‘Mordrem Boss’.
  • What’s happening with Rytlock? A new teaser image was released this week, with a blindfold covering his eyes – what could it all mean?
  • The Silver Wastes: Kaysee shares her pros and cons on the new map, after more time to play it.
  • Rumours of an expasion have surfaced again, after an NCsoft earnings report where they claim to be announcing something regarding an expansion next week!
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