The GuildMag Podcast: Episode 17

PAX South is creeping ever closer! This week we take some time to speculate on the big announcement (don’t forget that we’re also doing our own live analysis show right after it – more info here), as well as discuss upcoming balance changes and new data mined armour. As always, let us know what you think on the topics covered in the comments below!

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Show Notes

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  • We discuss the latest information on upcoming balance changes, and how changes to might and confusion will impact the PvE community.
  • Data mined armour: new headpieces, new Rytlock-inspired armour and more!
  • Heart of Thorns/PAX South speculation: we take some time out to speculate on the big announcement coming this weekend.
  • Join our PAX analysis stream this Saturday, 24th January, beginning at 8am PST. All the info can be found here: guildmag.com/pax.
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