The GuildMag Podcast: Episode 19 – Revealing the Revenant

We’re back after a couple weeks’ break!  This week we discuss all-things revenant, following Friday’s PoI livestream. We also cover a few things we haven’t been able to since being away, like masteries and precursor crafting!

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Show Notes

  • The revenant looks amazing!  What sort of builds and playstyle will it favour?
  • Bosses seem to be getting change to Defiance.  We discuss how the new boons and condition mechanics may impact the ‘zerker meta and CC.
  • We discuss the masteries that have been revealed and how points will be earned through story missions, completing challenges and obtaining achievements.  Will we get new Fractals and AR caps as a result?
  • The new legendary collection system; how will it impact the legendary and precursor market?


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