The GuildMag Podcast: Episode 2

We’re back with the second episode of our new podcast! In this episode, we discuss the trailer for the upcoming release entitled The Dragon’s Reach: Part 2. We also take a look at Mordrem creature design, the precursor problem, and an awesome Guild Wars 2 survey infographic!

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Show Notes

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  • A trailer for The Dragon’s Reach: Part 2 was released this Tuesday, hinting at things to come. You can watch it here.
  • Black Lion Chests now have double the chance to drop Black Lion Claim Tickets or Ticket Scraps.
  • A new backpack skin is available from the Gem Store: the Covert Charr Backpack. The Tyrian Explorer’s Knapsack has also been released – a bundle of useful items. Check out everything that’s in store here.
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  • Two major parts to the trailer: Taimi & Braham in Dry Top, under attack from the Inquest, and the leader’s summit in the Grove which also come under attack from an unseen threat.
  • A screenshot has been released of a new area in Dry Top that we should be visiting. See it here.
  • Taimi in Dry Top appears extremely vulnerable – where has Scruffy gone?
  • Will we see Mordremoth’s first Dragon Champion as the attack on the Grove? What would be the best way to implement it – open world or dungeon?
  • Mordrem creature design: thumbs up to ArenaNet on making them stand out from Nightmare creatures, and have interesting mechanics to play against. What would shaking up the dungeon meta with these new creatures be like?
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  • The precursor problem: what’s happened to the precursor crafting we were promised? Does the current system force people into buying their legendary precursors with real money? Discussion inspired by this Massively article.
  • Jebro’s ESL Weekly Cup. Whether you’re a PvPer or not, make sure you check out Jebro’s YouTube channel where he guides you through all-things Guild Wars 2 PvP.
  • Charr are the least played race (cri cri), according to this Guild Wars 2 survey infographic, and Dry Top is the most favoured location in Tyria. Check out all the stats for yourself!
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