The GuildMag Podcast: Episode 20 – Wyvern Wrangling

This week, ArenaNet announced changes to the camera system, and put out a blog post on the wyvern: a boss you’ll get to face in Heart of Thorns, and at next week’s playable demos! We take the time to discuss both of these announcements, as well as some data mined outfits and upcoming cosmetic items.

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Show Notes

  • Data mining & upcoming cosmetics: Balthazar Outfit, Black Feather Wings Backpack and new hairstyles.
  • The wyvern; will the changes to defiance that this boss employs also make their way to older bosses?
  • Updates to the camera system are (finally) coming! We’re getting first-person view, field of view sliders and more!
  • Heart of Thorns is still a while away, and there’s no more in-game content on the horizon. We discuss the implications of this, and ask whether or not people are losing interest in Guild Wars 2 during this lull.


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