The GuildMag Podcast: Episode 22 – A Legendary Journey

In this episode of our Guild Wars 2 podcast, discuss the first Heart of Thorns closed beta stress test, as well as new legendary weapons, precursor crafting, profession specialisations and tonnes more!

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Show Notes

  • Gem Store news: Musical Bass Guitar, Mad Scientist Mining Tool and more are now available – see this blog post.
  • This week we streamed the Heart of Thorns stress test! You can catch the VoD of the stream here, and read Valiant’s impressions in this post.
  • A legendary journey: ArenaNet has revealed more information about precursor crafting, new legendary weapons and new map-wide rewards in this blog post. We discuss what these new rewards mean for Guild Wars 2, and how they fit into the game’s horizontal progression system.
  • As promised, we take some time to go over everything we know about profession specialisations and speculate on what’s to come.
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