The GuildMag Podcast: Episode 23 – Foolin’ Around

In this episode of our Guild Wars 2 podcast, we discuss the Guild Wars 2 April Fools joke, SAB, gameplay in Heart of Thorns and personal story changes.

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Show Notes

  • April Fools has come and gone and with it, ArenaNet’s annual prank on players.  This year’s pretend airplane mode had its fans and its haters.
  • that_shaman has data mined SAB related content; see this post on Reddit.  Kaysee feels quite strongly about why players need to know whether or not SAB is coming back!
  • ArenaNet posted more information about gameplay features in Heart of Thorns, the restoration of the Personal Story and the introduction of reusing old assets like original Lion’s Arch.  How will new players be affected by such changes? Will this still break immersion?
  • This week’s Points of Interest also focused on interesting storytelling elements coming to Heart of Thorns, including getting to hear our own characters’ voices again with race-specific dialogue.
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