The GuildMag Podcast: Episode 24 – Specialists on Specialisations

In this episode of our Guild Wars 2 podcast, Valiant’s joined by guest hosts Aaron Heath and Draxynnic, two of our writers here at GuildMag. They discuss the Guild Wars 1’s 10-year anniversary, profession specialisations details, and new hylek tribes coming to Heart of Thorns.

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Show Notes

  • The Gem Store has new gathering tools and outfits – shock! female charr get another female outfit skin!  New hairstyles are available too.
  • Guild Wars 1 is 10 years old – can you believe it? New weapons are available for revisiting old missions.
  • ArenaNet released more information about the specialisations and masteries systems and how they will build on abilities rather than on the more traditional MMO way of grinding up your stats.  Those posts are here and here.
  • Traits are being revamped as part of the specialisations and Episode 32 of Ready Up is a 4-hour long stream that details the changes for each profession.  Dulfy has a summary of the stream here.
  • Draxynnic shares insights on the new hylek tribes that were detailed in this post by Scott McGough and introduced in Points of Interest Episode 19, and the guys discuss the care and thought ArenaNet are putting into creating the new tribes and making them different from one another and other hylek.
  • Issue 15 of the GuildMag magazine is publishing soon!  Stay tuned to our social media!
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