The GuildMag Podcast: Episode 25 – Mesmer Portals, Beta Portals & More!

Kaysee was back for today’s episode of our Guild Wars 2 podcast!  She and Valiant discuss the chronomancer mesmer elite specialization, that_shaman’s new specialization calculator, the portal drops to get into the Heart of Thorns beta, and the latest Gem Store news.

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Show Notes

  • Issue 15 of GuildMag’s magazine is out!  Journey Into the Heart of Maguuma and get your feet wet with a lore primer on this zone and another on the druids, read some great fanfiction, and lots more!
  • Balthazar weapon skins have been added to Guild Wars 2 in celebration of the Guild Wars: Prophecies 10-year anniversary.  They cost one Black Lion Ticket each right now; scraps and tickets are dropping from Black Lion Chests.
  • ArenaNet have increased the chance for players to get into the upcoming betas! Portals to the Heart of Maguuma are dropping in Dry Top and Silverwastes.  Is this RNG-based way a good thing in addition to the newsletter mailing list invites?
  • ArenaNet announced the chronomancer is coming to Heart of Thorns! This elite specialization has some cool tricks, new boons, and awesome looking skills.  Who said an offhand weapon couldn’t add more to the game?  Valiant takes it back!  Catch the visual demo on Episode 20 of Points of Interest!
  • that_shaman has done it again, this time creating a specialization calculator that’s hosted at dulfy.net.  Check it out! It’s definitely worth playing around with to start theory crafting some builds!
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