The GuildMag Podcast: Episode 26 – Hunting Reapers

On today’s episode of GuildMag’s Guild Wars 2 podcast, Valiant was joined by two of our writers: Draxynnic and Starconspirator!  They discuss the dragonhunter guardian elite specialization and the reaper necromancer elite specialization, and the latest Gem Store news.

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Show Notes

  • Kaysee’s unwell so feel free to drop her a line and wish her well at @AFKaysee.  Her Lore ‘n’ Explore series is on hiatus until she’s back.
  • If you’ve missed any of our articles, GuildMag’s got several treats for you including Tauz’s Win Me Over, Heart of Thorns where our Senior Editor writes about what he’d like to see in HoT to start playing Guild Wars 2 again. Valiant’s also written up a comparison of HoT and Final Fantasy XIV‘s expansion Heavensward in Battle of the Summer Expansions to figure out which he thinks will be the better game.
  • The Gem Store has brought back several previously available items such as Belinda’s Greatsword and Rox’s Quiver, and you can also find the Daydreamer’s outfit and Elegant Fan focus skin.
  • ArenaNet announced that the dragonhunter and reaper are coming to Heart of Thorns! The guardian’s elite specialization has met with mixed reviews in the community but Draxynnic thinks ArenaNet is laying the groundwork for future specializations.  The necromancer’s elite specialization just looks cool with a new Reaper’s Shroud, new utilities, and awesome looking skills.  Even Valiant wants a necro now so he can play with this specialization!  Catch the visual demo of the dragonhunter on Episode 33 of Ready Up and the demo of the reaper on Episode 21 of Points of Interest!
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