The GuildMag Podcast: Episode 27 – Rebuilding LA

Today on the GuildMag Podcast, Aaron and Kent joined Valiant to discuss this week’s Guild Wars 2 news: the rebuilding of Lion’s Arch (finally!), changes coming to WvW with Heart of Thorns, the closed beta test coming this Tuesday (and which GuildMag will be streaming!), the latest Gem Store news and more!

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Show Notes

  • If you’ve missed any of our articles, GuildMag’s got some good reads this week, including a collaborative follow-up on the reaper by Draxynnic, Starconspirator, and Kriss Watt where our writers explore the new necromancer elite speculation in some more detail and compare the Reaper’s Shroud parallels to the Guild Wars Nightfall dervish. Star’s also written a piece looking at community created endgame content and she’d like to know about yours.
  • The Gem Store has a few new mail carriers available – the Snow Owl and a chance to get raven and parrot mail carriers out of Black Lion chests.  The Daydreamer’s weapon skins are also available for one Black Lion Ticket – they’re quite nice so check them out!
  • Tuesday’s patch brought with it major changes to Lion’s Arch – it’s being rebuilt and players are invited to choose new names for some of its landmarks, which Aaron’s humorous piece walks you through.  The guys have fun arguing about the names and Aaron’s picks.
  • ArenaNet announced changes coming to the WvW upgrade system, and also went over a few more of the changes in Friday’s Ready Up.  The episode also showed off the dragonhunter in PvP action, and promised to bring more PvP videos of the new elite specializations in future.
  • Closed beta test is happening on Tuesday, May 26 and GuildMag will be streaming all three segments and giving out some awesome GW2 plushies and T-shirts!  that_shaman datamined additional mastery tiers that may appear in the beta this coming week.
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