The GuildMag Podcast: Episode 3

This week, we discuss The Dragon’s Reach: Part 2 – the latest release for the Living World, and mid-season finale. We also take a look at a few released details for the upcoming Feature Pack, some initial gamescom 2014 tidbits, and a couple of listener questions!

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Show Notes

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  • The Dragon’s Reach: Part 2 has been released! You can find the release page here, and the patch notes here.
  • With this release, we’re now in the mid-season break. ArenaNet have announced an upcoming Feature Pack this September – check out the details here.
  • Gem Store news: new Chaos Weapon Skins, a new Mini Mordrem Leyleecher, Utility Primers & more. Find out what’s on offer.
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  •  In this release, we’re tasked with ensuring that everyone makes it to (and out of!) the summit of leaders held at the Grove. Queen Jennah has become embroiled in a conspiracy surrounding Scarlet, and Councillor Phlunt continues to hound Taimi and her waypoint device. When they’re finally all brought to the Grove, the summit comes under attack from a champion of Mordremoth: The Shadow of the Dragon.
  • The first encounter is an RPG-style interrogation of party guests in Divinity’s Reach. Did this non-combat encounter appeal to everyone? And what’s it like when you have to repeat it multiple times for the achievements?
  • Taimi and Councillor Phlunt: we’re not done with these two yet! Is there more to Phlunt than meets the eye?
  • Attack on the summit! Mordremoth’s champion, the Shadow of the Dragon, has manifested itself in this world. Awesome fight mechanics make for an epic mid-season finale, yet how does this dragon exist when previously it existed only in the Dream?
  • The final cut scene: what does it all mean?! More theories than you can shake a sylvari at…
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  • Feature Pack prospects: changes to commander tags, PvP character model changes & possible dungeon gambit. How will these all impact the game?
  • Questions from darryshan: “Where do you think the game will be in a year?” – we discuss the next 12 months of Guild Wars 2.
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