The GuildMag Podcast: Episode 6

It’s time for episode 6, and this week the Feature Pack was released! Kaysee and I sit down to digest all the new features that have been added into the game, and take a look at one change in particular that has everyone divided: the new player experience.

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Show Notes

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  • The Feature Pack has arrived! Details of what’s new can be found on the release page and in the patch notes.
  • Gem Store news: this week it’s all about mini pets, with two new ones: Mini Chieftain Utahein and Mini Svanir. All Mini 3-Packs are also on sale. See this post for more info.
  • Living World Season 2 is coming back… on 4th November. So far, all we have is this teaser image.
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  • Trading Post UI: some great additions make it a useful, and really responsive tool! Some people aren’t 100% happy though…
  • Previews for minis and finishers: they receive the thumbs up! Will this turn more people to the Gem Store to fill out their collections?
  • Item Collections achievements – not for everyone, but great to see something for people to who enjoy collecting!
  • The new player experience: is it as bad as everyone’s saying it is? Does it dumb things down too much? We take opinions from Twitch chat.


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