The GuildMag Podcast: Episode 7

Episode 7 is here! This week, Kaysee and I discuss bug fixes for the new player experience added in the latest Feature Patch. We also take a look at data-mined outfit models, the return of Gaile Gray to a community-facing position, and more!

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Show Notes

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  • Various bug fixes have been applied to the new player experience changes introduced in the Feature Patch. A list can be found here.
  • Gem Store news: every day this week, a free item is available in the Gem Store! Plus a new Avatar of Death Finisher, Mist Herald Backpack and Basic Harvesting Node Pack. All the details are on this post.
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  • New player experience bug fixes: diving goggles, skill challenges and vistas are now account unlocks, plus utility and elite skills are unlocked at earlier levels. How do these changes affect our views on the controversial topic?
  • The latest WvW tournament is now in full swing, with an easier way to earn participation rewards – but are these too easy to obtain?
  • Data-mined outfits: outfits for charr and asura have been data-mined, which appear to be of the same theme as previous models data-mined for humans. What could these be used for?
  • Gaile Gray is back in town! She returns to a community-facing position; could this mean the beginning of more communication between ArenaNet and its fans?


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