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GuildMag Podcast – Interview with Arenanet!

Sup everyone,

You read that title correctly.  The Podcast team scored a sweet interview with Isaiah Cartwright and Jon Peters (and who knows who else!) from Arenanet!  We have a whole bunch of questions lined up  related to the Guardian and general game mechanics, with a few laughs at the end.  Sadly, Arenanet couldn’t meet our crazy schedules to be on the Live Chat, but we will have our recorded interview posted on our usual Thursday night for all the fans to enjoy!

So, tune into the GuildMag Podcast at on Thursday, February 3rd at 7:30 PM EST | 4:30 PM PST | 12:30 AM GMT to be the first people to hear the interview, LIVE!  Alternatively, we will always be posting the podcast on itunes, but honestly, who doesn’t want to be the first to hear an interview with the developers? :)

Here’s a sneak peek at a few questions we will be asking Arenanet:

  • The Guardian looks to be quite a force in the grouping dynamic of Guild Wars 2. However, what will the Guardian have to offer in the endgame? Is he going to be pigeonholed into either a support or tanking role and nothing else, or will there be options for the player to explore even in the endgame?
  • With all the innovations of Guild Wars 2, some of the player base is confused why Arenanet would go with the traditional attribute system for character development. Did you try other systems that were ineffective, or can you describe what makes this attribute system different from the genre standard?
  • Colin vs. Martin. The sword spammer with the brilliant smile vs. the bukkitmeister with the chrome dome! Who would you bet on to win a forum meme fight to the death?

It promises to be a mix of information and hilarity!  You will not want to miss it!

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