Q&A with Colin Johanson & Jeff Grubb

There we are again, and this time we got our own part of the interview up and running in HD (You can find the first part over at Univers-Virtuels). Yes that’s right, Jonny10 has set aside 12 precious hours to get this done by the end of today and now it’s done. We’ve also included a French transcript in agreement with our cooperation with Univers-Virtuels, so if you’re French check that out!

A funny note: when we wanted to go to the interview, we couldn’t pass the entrance of the business area and we were almost not having this interview if it was not for ArenaNet. Although we were still having a handicap because only I, Dutch Sunshine, could go to the interview and thus had to multi-task the whole interview. After that, we were double unlucky due to the fact that the battery of our camera went down after 2/3th of the interview.

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