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GuildMag’s going to GamesCom

Can’t go to GamesCom? Don’t worry, as GuildMag, the unofficial Guild Wars magazine, will be going to GamesCom on the 19th of August and will be covering everything going on that day. Jonny10, Asuran, Arghore, and myself will make sure that you get our extensive opinion of the Guild Wars 2 demo in our third issue and more! After the break you’ll read a bit more about our plans for GamesCom!

We’ll be there with a HD camera, our own ‘professional’ photographer Asuran, and of course pen and paper to write everything down to bring you extensive coverage!

We’ll arrive around 10:00 GMT+2 and will be there when the demo premieres, after which we will be going to check out if the promises made by ArenaNet are true and how awesome the game actually is. Then we’ll probably have some free time for ourselves and check out the rest of GamesCom on which we will also give you some coverage for our third issue. After that, we’re going to check out the giveaways including the respective Q&A’s. Meanwhile, it’s time to show-up at the GuildWars2Guru meet-up to talk a bit with you people and see what you guys thought of the demo! At 16:30, we’re going to listen to the International Podcast of ArenaNet themselves. At 19:00 it’s time to close off the day at the ArenaNet booth and see if they possibly have some more in store for us than they’ve told us so far.

Somewhere in between, we’ve also squeezed an interview with ArenaNet themselves, so be sure to check back here in the days to come for some coverage, and then we release Issue 3 early September which will have a lot more coverage including PAX and ComicCon. Speaking about PAX, I believe our PodCast has some stuff going on for that too, so stay tuned!

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