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Ghosts of Ascalon

The Ghosts of Ascalon is the newest and first novel on Guild Wars. Because its release is nearing, quite a few updates are popping up on the internet. Check out the rest of the article to find out where you can read all of this.

It all began a while back with a page dedicated to the book(it now includes a map of Tyria!):

Not sure if the book will be your thing? ArenaNet gives you the chance to read their first chapter for free!

Massively had the chance to read the book in advance(count me jealous!), check out their findings here:

They also had an exclusive interview with Jeff Grubb:

Are you still having questions after reading all of the above, then check out their FAQ and perhaps your question is in there!

Be sure to check back when we release our third issue for our own full coverage on the Ghosts of Ascalon!

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