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PaX Update clips!

Sabre Wolf and our PaX reporter Izari have been coöperating to give you the following videos, filmed at PaX. They have had some issues with sending over the files, but now they’ve finally finished them for you to see, so be sure to check them out after the cut!(If you’ve already seen our first parts via youtube, skip down to the bottom for three new videos that got recorded!)

This first movie contains a video of a charr that shows off a couple of his skills. It also has a clip of the Shadow Behemoth, the boss in the human area.

Then we also got a recording of one of the live demonstrations where they show off quite a lot of ranger skills and awesomeness. Including is the Stone Elemental that you fight at the end of the tutorial area.

Then we also got the videos below which are the recording of the Design a Dynamic Event panel which Izari attended for us, she was at a great angle so you’ll see the white board and everything that’s written on it very well in HD.

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