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GW2 says Bonjour and Guten Tag

ArenaNet has officially introduced French and German wikis for Guild Wars 2:

Hello, everyone, my name is Stéphane Lo Presti. As a community manager for ArenaNet, one of my roles is to act as a liaison between our studio and the wiki community. And today, I’d like to share some exciting news for French and German gamers: we’re launching official French and German Guild Wars 2 wikis!

The official wikis have been a great way to share information between the members of the Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2 community and ArenaNet staff. This extremely useful tool has now been extended to help French and German fans.

Over the years, we’ve seen other Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2 wikis appear around the world. Some of these wikis have had a more specialized focus, while others were simply created by passionate editors who wanted to document the games in other languages. Several months ago, we began coordinating with some diverse wiki veterans who have done an incredible job creating the right environment for their respective communities. And now, after months of work, we are proud to announce the release of the brand-new Guild Wars 2 German and French wikis.

While these new wikis are primed and ready for everyone to read, they’re not as complete and up-to-date as the English Guild Wars 2 wiki, which has already enjoyed years of content development. These wikis need community support, so we encourage players to register on the wiki of their preferred language, and to contribute by adding or editing content. Since there are very few members of ArenaNet who speak German or French, we won’t be able to interact directly, but I will personally be in touch with various members of the wikis, and I will be listening to the feedback and requests of the wiki communities.

Don’t despair, Spanish-speaking Guild Wars 2 fans: an official Spanish wiki is under development and will be introduced later.

You can read the official wikis (and register to help maintain and add to them) here:

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