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Halloween Workshop

On September 8th Tzu started off the Halloween workshop 2010, on guildwarsguru in the Nolani Academy Section. This workshop is aimed at having a communal space to collectively work on individual Halloween entries, for the official ArenaNet Halloween Art contest. Don’t be mistaken though, the Halloween Workshop has highly desirable prices of its own, but focuses more on the Artist progress than perhaps the final work. As such the workshop is a place for starting artist to get feedback and a place for familiar faces to show what they are up to, give feedback and of course get some feedback themselves. But more importantly it’s a place for Art enthusiasts to join together and have some of that Pre-Halloween fun…

We are well on our way towards the deadline and I’m joined by Tzu in this blog post, to tell the community some more about the workshop. And to inform our contesters in the workshop, that next to the prizes won in the workshop, we here at GuildMag will (with their permission) publish the end results of the winners of each category in our next issue!

GuildMag: “So Tzu, can you tell ‘us’ a bit more about the workshop?

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