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Happy Valentine’s Day from GuildMag!

“ooOOoo, Bloomanoo, look at this!  Quaggan sees a strange human handing out writing-things!”

“Choo! Peneloopee, watch out! Strange human wears pink leg warmers!”

“Quaggan thinks this is Ollannach! Hoo hoo, it is! Bloomanoo, look, he gave me one!”

“Ooo, what does it say, love?”

On five years we draw near
reporting on Tyria’s frontier,
and on this very special day
we bring this message without delay
for the community

Through the mystery of lore,
sometimes arcane and obscure,
on tales of ages past we write
and hope to shed light
for the community

The gloss of pixels in ‘zines
from turned pages on a screen
frame inked words with news
offering heartfelt views
for the community

Spanning the globe we share
sounds of laughter and cheer
with seventeen on our team
we work to the extreme
for the community

So this Valentine’s Day
we smile widely and say
thank you, community, for taking our heart
we love you.

Happy Valentine’s Day from everyone at GuildMag!


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