Heart of Thorns Lootstravaganza Launch Party

Hey Guild Wars 2 fans!

As everyone is aware, Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns is now live! However, today I’d like to direct your attention to a rather fun little stream we did two days before the expansion’s launch as a sort of unofficial launch party that highlighted just how lucrative farming the Silverwastes can be. Join GuildMag’s content manager, Miko Riel, and myself as I open the 5,000 or so loot bags I accumulated over about a month-long period before the launch of Heart of Thorns. While I open the bags, we discuss all things Heart of Thorns and much more, including baseball and juice preferences!

The total amount of bags opened can be viewed in the screenshot below:


This next screenshot features the total loot haul from opening all of the bags, at least 3,000 of which were champion loot bags.


Like what you see? Check out GuildMag’s guide to Silverwastes gold farming here! Enjoy!

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