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Information about the Regions of Guild Wars 2

ArenaNet clarified where and how the players from the different regions will connect to the game, how we will be able to transfer to another home world and how guesting will work.

First, the most important part of it:

“After you successfully register your Guild Wars 2 account, it becomes a global account. You can roam to any part of the world and still access the game.”

Players from North America and Europe need to be careful about where to buy their game:

“Customers in North America must register the North American version of the game, customers in Europe must register the European version of the game, and customers in other areas may register either version.”

Other important information:

  • Western and Eastern European players will belong to the European datacenter, the rest of the world will belong to the North American datacenter:

“We do this to support our local retail partners, and we use this information to connect you to your optimal data center, customer support team, and to ensure the correct language support.”

  • You will be able to freely choose your home world – no region-locking!
  • At launch, you will be able to switch your home world for free for a while. So no worries if you accidentally chose the wrong one.
  • Transferring to another home world will cost gems later on and the amount depends on how full your destination home world is.
  • “In time”, guesting will be available which will allow you to play on another server – with the exception of World vs. World – as long as you have a friend on your chosen guesting-server.
  • Last but not least, switching to another language for your client will be as easy as it is in Guild Wars 1: Just choose your language in the settings menu.

Source: A World of Choice – The Regions of Guild Wars 2

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