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Interview Update: GameReactor + Tap-Repeatedly

At the end of last week and the beginning of this week we’ve seen two larger interviews being released. Both GameReactor and Tap-Repeatedly had the chance to interview ArenaNet and ask them their burning questions. I especially liked the Tap-Repeatedly interview since it gives quite a few insights into the work of Daniel Dociu but also talks about various Guild Wars things like the sylvari redesign (sadly, they couldn’t get arenanet to share an image with them.).

Tap-Repeatedly part 1

In the first of our three part exclusive interview, we managed to sit down and chat with Daniel Dociu, the formidable creative force behind Guild Wars 2 and its stunning art direction. As insightful as it was fascinating, it only makes us love his work more…

Tap-Repeatedly part 2

In the second of our three part exclusive interview (Part 1 here), Daniel Dociu discusses his artistic preferences, Guild Wars 2′s interface, alongside his relationship with ArenaNet’s 3D artists and remaining personal ambitions…

Tap-Repeatedly part 3

In the third and final part of our three part exclusive interview, Daniel Dociu discusses Guild Wars 2′s marketing campaign, aspiring concept artists, the games he plays and the sylvari redesign…

GameReactor part 1

We caught up with Guild Wars 2 lead content designer Colin Johanson to discuss the upcoming MMORPG. In this the first part of the interview we discuss World of Warcraft, the event system and story.

GameReactor part 2

Our interview with Arenanet’s Colin Johanson continues and this time we talk about such diverse matters as the new Sulvari race and the keg brawl mini game.

Do you still have a question which you would like to have answered? State it below and perhaps we’ll include it in our birthday interview which we’ll be releasing alongside first birthday issue in may!

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