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Introduction to the Environment Art

Tomorrow is Guild Wars’ birthday so today we’re getting our Guild Wars 2 gift for the week, makes sense to me. It’s good to see that they don’t turn off the focus on the birthday of the original Guild Wars in favor of the new coming game.

Anyway, enough of that, today’s blog is about what environment artists mean for Guild Wars 2. Peter Fries explains that rather than cheating on the player and add a half-meshed stone somewhere in game that also has no volume aside of the looks… in Guild Wars 2, almost everything you can explore has to be filled and has to be what it looks like.

Making a map for Guild Wars 2 started with an overall geography of the game world pasted on a whiteboard in the room. Following this, the broad stokes get laid out, after taking a look at what each subregion within each head region of the continent will include another artist designs a map layout with only the basics of stuff, rivers, mountains and more. Then the real work begins, making a map design come to reality. For all that and more, head over to the official ArenaNet Blog to read even more about how maps come to fruition in Guild Wars 2.

Towns and forts were blocked out with grey box shapes that were gradually replaced with more complex architecture. Streets were dressed with lampposts and strings of flags flapping in the wind. Homes were decorated with furniture and draped with tapestries. Shop shelves and market stalls filled with wares. Fires began to crackle in hearths and smoke started billowing from chimneys. Moss appeared on roof shingles and confetti appeared to dance above street carnivals. Housecats began to prowl around backyard gardens full of melons and potatoes as pigeon flocks took to the air in swirling columns. Fields sprouted swaying grass and flowers, waves began to lap at shorelines, and layers of cloud condensed overhead.



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