GuildMag Issue 5: Frigid Times

Whew, what an amazing year it has been! We’ve seen a lot of progress on Guild Wars 2 as well as new content for Guild Wars itself. For our last issue of the year we were hoping to have it done before Christmas, but even we can not combat the holidays. One thing is sure, we’re going to end the year with a bang, and we wish all of you a happy and great New Year!

We managed to get the last interview with ArenaNet’s Game Designer and RPG legend Jeff Grubb on Guild Wars 2. Next to that we got lore on Wintersday, the Shiverpeaks, the Dwarves, and Grenth. Finally, we return with our holiday fashion, a talk with the king of the snowmen Daniel Frozenwind, a new title hunters article, and Izari covers the ins and outs on what it means to be a Guild Master. We obviously have a lot more for you to read, including several articles from our new team members which you can find a small introduction inside the magazine as well!

So what are you waiting for? Get reading!

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In This Issue

  • Meet the team
    A small introduction to the team behind GuildMag.
  • Shiverpeaks
    These wintry times render much of the landscape
    frigid, cold, and icy.
  • On the tube with Daelin Dwin (Wintersday special)
    A recap of some of the most entertaining Guild Wars videos on YouTube.
  • The Dwarves
    The history of the Dwarven race
  • Surviving the great drought
    No new information, what to do?
  • Lore Interview with Jeff Grubb
    Jeff answers some interesting lore questions here.
  • Jingle all the way
    Special Wintersday pets for your ranger, but where
    to get them?
  • To be a Master, a Guild Master that is.
    A look into the minds of Tyria’s Guild Leaders.
  • Wintersday
    What exactly is Wintersday, and where does it come from?
  • Winter Fashion
    What are players wearing this winter – or what should they be wearing?
  • Dutch’s talk with… Daniel Frozenwind
    Behold the King of the Snowmen.
  • The Mystery Behind the Bakers
    Pie and Cider droping from the sky.
  • Grenth
    The god of ice and death.
  • Holiday Contest results
    The winners and their entries.
  • GuildWars Fan Artist ‘Kiya Koreena’
    An interview with a well-know crafty artist.
  • Wintersday Workshop
    Watch people’s creations bloom.
  • Spiritual Affinities
    A study on the origin and types of spirits
  • Title Hunters | Survivors of Legend
    These sturdy players know no death.
  • The Team’s Opinions On… Halloween
    Reviews of past Halloween events.
  • Call of the Wolf
    The story continues with chapter seven and eight.
  • Poems
    Community submited poetry
  • End of the Line
    The last tidbits.

If you want to submit your own piece of work for our next issue, you can do so by checking out

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