GuildMag Issue 8: Depths of Tyria

It’s November already, the temperature outside is dropping rapidly for those on the northern part of our world and so you’ll be spending more time at home. Have no fear though – our new issue will be there to keep you entertained! While we’re hard at work rebooting our podcast and looking at the way we’re currently distributing the magazine, we’ve managed to create this new magazine for you all to read.

We’ve also transferred our sixth issue into our renewed HTML format, which you’ll be able to find a link to at the bottom of this post!

Depths of Tyria takes your right into the depth. We take a look at topics like the destroyers, the religion of the dwarves, the dungeon structure of the dungeons in Guild Wars: Eye of the North, and give a special highlight to one of the most treasured places of the original Guild Wars: the Catacombs, which you’ll be able to explore in Guild Wars 2 as well!

If you manage to get exhausted after reading all of these articles we have plenty of relaxation for you as well! What about some exciting fan fiction, interviews with Charlie Dayman and Rubi from Massively – or even a special vacation offer from Embark Beach Travels! If even that’s not enough for you, we also take a look at the relationship between the skritt and the asura, the community response to the engineer and plenty more! Don’t forget to take a look at our GamesCom Roundup, which is chock full of Guild Wars 2 interviews, videos, screenshots, hands-on impressions and more for you to enjoy!

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In This Issue

  • The Catacombs
    Learn more about this mysterious network of passages deep below Ascalon.
  • On The Tube With Daelin Dwin: Music Special
    Daelin Dwin looks at four amazing covers of the original Guild Wars soundtrack by Jeremy Soul.
  • The Destroyers
    Learn everything about the beings created out of fire and stone: the destroyers. Their history, present and future!
  • Dutch’s Talk with… Rubi (Massively)
    In Dutch’s next community talk we chat it up with Rubi from Massively and Guildcast.
  • Humans of Elona
    Elona, Land of the Golden Sun, is a region where the sun is brightest and is home to the three human provinces of Istan, Kourna, and Vabbi.
  • The Decaying Diary
    In 1075AE, Abaddon was not destroyed. Not completely. Shortly after Kormir’s ascension, one lone traveller unwillingly finds himself amidst a plot to bring back the God of Secrets; but as he struggles with his own torments, he must make an impossible choice that could break Tyria forever.
  • GamesCom Roundup
    We went to GamesCom and went home with quite a lot of footage, interviews, screenshots, hands-on impressions and much more!
  • Mercenary Heroes winners!
    Check out these awesome winners of our mercenary hero contest all with their own unique style. Laughs are guaranteed.
  • Featured Artist: Charlie Dayman
    He has won multiple prizes in various Guild Wars contests, master of multiple art styles and much more.
  • Dwarven Religion
    The dwarves may not survive until Guild Wars 2, but that doesn’t make them any less interesting. Their religion is a huge story plot for most of the original Guild Wars and the expansion: Eye of the North.
  • Fall of Gods (Chapter 2 & 3)
    A continuation of Konig Des Todes’ fan-fiction from issue 7.
  • Skritt and Asura: Deep Hostility
    Littleboat takes a deeper look at the relationships between the skritt and the asura.
  • Embark Beach Travels
    Are you tired of your hometown? Want to go out on a well-deserved vacation? Then check out this action-packed offers from Embark Beach Travels!
  • Community Reaction to the Engineer
    If there’s one profession that stirred up the community, it’s definitely the Engineer. With its steampunk-like feel it brought up mixed feelings towards this profession.
  • Dungeons: The Structures and Their Builders
    Ever wondered the story behind the dungeons which you stumble upon during Eye of the North? In this article you’ll find out just what that story is about.
  • Children of Legend
    Dassk, a human whom no longer had any connections with his homeland, ventured into the Northern Shiverpeaks territory in search of an item which he is tasked to find.
  • Poetry submissions
    Inspiring poetry about the dream of the sylvari and the difficulties which the charr have to overcome.
  • End of the line
    The last tidbits.

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