GuildMag Issue 3: The Waters of Tyria

What a busy few months it has been. There were quite a few conventions and lots of Guild Wars 2 news. Never the less, we’ve finished up our third, full issue, and I hope you will enjoy reading every last bit of it!

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This issue brings you the lore on the Waters of Tyria including: the bodies of water themselves, the Deep, Abaddon-God of water and secrets, and more! Also, we’ve got a handful of articles reviewing the latest conventions in which the GuildMag team was constantly present. Added to that are the returning features of Izari’s Fashion Tips, Call of the Wolf, On the Tube, Bar Jokes with Arghore, a look at the next feature race – The Norn, and many more. Put it all together, and you get the largest, most informative GuildMag issue to date!

What are you waiting for, start reading and enjoy your time!

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In This Issue

  • San Diego ComicCon
    Twitchy’s ComicCon report.
  • Waters of Tyria
    A thorough article on the waters of the world and their unsolved mysteries
  • Fall Fashion
    Look your best this season with fall fashion tips.
  • Guild Wars 2 Demo Review
    A hands-on review of the live demo.
  • The Adventures of Soy Oil Minion Bomber
    Not just anyone can be a Minion Bomber.
  • Tzu’s Artwork
    Check out some artwork from the talented Tzu.
  • GamesCom 2010
    Our experiences, reviews and an interview with Tearsdale.
  • The Serpentine Races
    Exciting lore articles on the known serpentine races in the world of Tyria: the forgotten, the krait and the naga.
  • • Title Hunters: GWAMM
    Interviews with dedicated players who achieved the acclaimed “God Walking Amongst Mere Mortals” title.
  • GamesCom Q&A with Jeff Grubb and Colin Johanson
    A continuation of our video interview.
  • On The Tube With Daelin Dwin
    A recap of some of the most entertaining Guild Wars videos on YouTube.
  • Abaddon: The Insane God
    Another fascinating study by Gawain Draxynnus.
  • PAX-Prime 2010
    Izari’s report from the front.
  • Holiday Hipster Contest
    Dress up for Halloween or Wintersday and get a chance to win exclusive PAX swag!
  • History and Culture of the Luxon Armada
    Background lore on the nomadic faction.
  • The Deep
    Delve into a mine deep beneath the jade sea, and discover the evils contained within.
  • Poetry
    Community submitted poetry.
  • The Norn
    An inside look into the norn culture.
  • Convention Videos
    All our GamesCom & PAX footage on one page.
  • Call of the Wolf
    The story continues with chapter five and six.
  • End of the Line
    The last tidbits and a preview of what we’re planning for the next issue.

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