GuildMag Issue 6: From the Mists

A new year, a new logo, a redesigned website and GuildMag’s still there! Ok, enough of the cheesy rhyme, this issue will focus on the shrouded secrets of Tyria, namely everything that either didn’t make it into the game or is still somewhat unknown or forgotten knowledge to the Guild Wars audience.

In short, this issue talks about the Mists themselves but also takes a look at what the unreleased Guild Wars expansion: Utopia, could have been for Guild Wars. Konig also takes a look at a possible story-plot for the next trilogy if it was not canceled in favor of Guild Wars 2. Next to this we also take at other interesting topics like the Celestials, Humans of Cantha and the Goddess Lyssa. Of course you’ll also find our returning articles like an interesting interview with Ravious from Kill Ten Rats, Title Hunters, Call of the Wolf, and the adventures of Soy Oil. Also, we introduce a brand new the GuildMag Showdown, where we match up two iconic Guild Wars characters to fight for their honor!

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In This Issue

  • Welcome to the Mists
    The beginning. Literally.
  • GuildMag Showdown: Prince Rurik vs Master Togo
    Who will come out on top?
  • Title Hunters | Legendary Vanquisher
    These legendary heroes show no mercy.
  • Tyria: A World That Could Have Been
    Aztechronotopian markets featuring guildbank mounts!
  • The Adventures of Soy Oil: Part 2
    So easy, even a Norn could do it.
  • GuildMag Featured Artist
    Prolific Nolani Academy artist, Tommy’s.
  • The Celestials
    Learn more about these highly revered celestial deities.
  • Dutch’s Talk with Ravious (Kill Ten Rats)
    Get personal with our favorite blogging superstar.
  • The Team’s Opinion On… Edge of Destiny
    GuildMag staff review the much anticipated prequel.
  • Arachnia and the Insectoid Gods
    Skin crawling research on mysterious insect beings.
  • Fanfic: Necklace of Power
    Relic lost to the passage of time.
  • Lyssa: The Twin Goddesses
    Mesmerizing account on the matron of illusion and beauty.
  • Humans of Cantha, the First to Walk Tyria
    The history and culture of the earliest humans.
  • Call of the Wolf
    Tender Wolf’s closing chapters.
  • End of the Line
    Scrumptious morsels.

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