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It’s Time to Escape from Lion’s Arch

Pack up your stuff, close off your trades, and get the fooOOOOoo away from Lion’s Arch while you still can. Scarlet has big plans for this city which might involve the total destruction of the Lion’s Arch as we currently know it. It’s withstood more than one fatal disaster previously, but the question does remain whether it can do so again this time.

According to Massively, Guild Wars 2’s biconics will be helping with easing the effects of the fatal attack by Scarlet by helping out where they can. Braham and Rox can be found in Trader’s Forum, Majory and Kasmeer will help coordinate all defensive efforts at the Lion’s Shadow Inn and Tiny, err, Taimi will be found in the temporary (?) new trader’s hub located in the Vigil Keep, a few miles north from Lion’s Arch.

If you’re just joining in on the Living Story, be sure to catch up with our recap of everything that has happened so far in our latest GuildMag issue (#10).


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