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Jon Peters on the New Gamescom Demo | ArenaNet Blog

Look at this sylvari being customized:

 Also, no energy potions. Because skills don’t cost energy.

So says Jon Peters in the ArenaNet blog. He prepares us for the gamescom demo and outlines the major changes in the game since we last got our eager little paws on it. Briefly, those changes are:

  • Skills no longer tied to energy, so there’s no need for energy potions.
  • A dodge button replaces the former energy button.
  • Weapon skills will be learned through weapon use, rather than buying through traders.
  • Traits and attributes have been redone, but won’t appear in the demo.
  • Some weapons for certain professions have been reworked.

They’ve taken the energy system one step further in the direction they were heading with the original implementation of energy potions. By freeing up offensive energy usage and letting energy restrict defensive actions, they can put more emphasis on positioning and movement. Jon says, “We have a new long-term replacement for the other benefits that energy potions provided to our system, but since it is not in the game yet, we aren’t talking about it.” Is he referring to how potions were described as a way to measure one’s efficiency from fight to fight? Will there be a new way of doing so?

There are details on character customization as well. Players can choose between stocky, skinny, and muscular builds for their characters, there are race-specific options, and many many ways to fine-tune your character’s face.

Read all about it at the blog.


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