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Just Don’t Call Them Cute!

After a week-long drought of news from the Guild Wars 2 site, we’ve had two pieces come up in one day – one likely of interest to everyone who follows Guild Wars 2, the other directed more at the collectors of all things plushie.

The first is the announcement that the long-awaited Asura Week will be commencing on the other side of this weekend, completing the unveiling of each of the major races (although we’re still waiting on concrete information on racial skills). As well as the usual goodies, ArenaNet is planning to finish off the Race Week series with a bang, with a range of bonus features such as an extra short story and an asura-style advice column. Check out the schedule here!

For the lovers of plush, ArenaNet has opened up the opportunity to own your very own Charr warrior. Admittedly, he won’t be much good at keeping the Branded from the door, but this huggable doll won’t be calling down meteoric crystals to ruin your best architecture and glassware either. Numbers are limited, but they can be collected through the Penny Arcade Store for North Americans or the NCSoft Merchandise Store for Europeans. Full details can be found here


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