The Labyrinth Beneath the Silverwastes

To the people of Tyria,

These are dark times indeed. Following the discovery of Mordremoth’s champion, the Vinewrath, on the western fringes of the Silverwastes, yet another unpleasant revelation has been brought to the Pact’s attention. The coarse, dry sand, craggy mesas, and strange ruins are not all that lie within this arid wasteland. There is another land here, one far removed from sight or sound, yet close enough to cause sleep to remain elusive late into the night.


The news was brought to us in the early hours of the morning that I am writing this. The Pact command attempted to keep the information under wraps, but it would appear that some tongues wag more loosely than others within the command structure of the Pact, a worrying prospect in and of itself. According to information given to Trahearne himself by a band of adventurers, there lies beneath the Silverwastes region an enormous underground complex, filled with twisting passages and thorny caverns. A labyrinth. It is reported to be infested with highly resilient and highly dangerous mordrem creatures that can’t be killed. While the Pact has yet to send out an expeditionary force to confirm the existence of this labyrinth, I have it on good authority that one of the Pact’s highest ranking members claims to have been in the company of the group of adventurers that discovered the labyrinth. What purpose such a high ranking officer might have been accompanying a random group of adventurers for, I do not know. Furthermore, Trahearne only grants immediate audience to those he trusts implicitly, a thing to which I can personally attest. Were these rumors false, he would have quickly quelled them.


While we are safe for the moment, I cannot help but feel that the sense of safety the camp provides is nothing more than an illusion given this new threat. To my knowledge, the camp is not prepared in any capacity for an assault from underground, and there is no information on how large this labyrinth may be! And if the creatures that dwell within its depths are indeed impervious to harm, I cannot help but feel our time here may be drawing to a close. What can we do against such might, should the dragon decide to bring it to bear?

With all due respect,

Ellis Knox

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