Let Beta Dye

Guest Article written by Anzenketh

I have seen a lot of websites not publish full and correct information recently in regards to the dye system and it is starting to bother me because it is only adding fuel to the fire and misinformation.

A lot of people do not realize that we are in beta. As we are in beta we may run into systems that are not complete. Also systems are subject to change. We oftentimes do not have all the information regarding a system or why ArenaNet makes a change. Let me quote Jon Peters on what he said about the Mystic Forge (in context it was about getting the armor you want from the new glory system implementation). I quote it for the last part.

Jon Peters said:

“I can try to elaborate a bit, but it is still in progress. Basically there will a method or break down unwanted items. There will then be recipes with those pieces that can create specific items that you are looking for. These should all follow a pretty standard formula so that once you learn how to make a specific sword the recipe for making any specific sword should follow from that. We are still working out the exact details which is why we haven’t put it in yet. This current system has been in the game for less than a week so we know it doesn’t address the needs of players looking for specific rewards. There are still a lot of considerations.

Right now you guys are seeing some new systems that are very raw. By the next beta weekend they will be a lot more polished. We spent a lot of time working on this game and while we still get a lot of clamoring to release it already we are going to make sure we set right all of the changes we have made before doing so.

So when playing Guild Wars 2 BWEs, Remember Beta is Beta. Take everything you see with a grain of salt as it may change from one week to the next. Now is not the right time to bring out pitchforks and just blatantly complain as if it is set in stone. Or make assumptions they will not make things right (solve the duplicate dye problem, or make it too hard to get the specific color we want). Game developers will change things to make it right because they want people to buy their game. Perhaps these changes are not done in the way we think or some may want. But the changes will be enough that the vast majority of the playerbase will be happy with the change.

Now is the right time to say this is how I would like this implemented. Or I would like XYZ things changed because of XYZ. If you have a valid point it is possible that it will be considered by the game developer and just not ignored. Generalized complaints do not help game development. That is the difference between constructive criticism and just plain criticism. Constructive criticism, no pitchforks required. Constructive criticism is well thought-out criticism containing good points and suggestions. Now is the time to give that type of criticism.

So instead of saying just point blank “I am not happy with the way things are,” say “I am not happy with the way things are, I would like XYZ changed in XYZ method to solve this problem” or “I see XYZ problems with the current implementation.” Who knows, we might come up with a better system than what they had in mind and ArenaNet implements it.

Now that that is said lets talk about dyes.

Here are the problems people have with the system the way they had it last BWE:

  1. When a dye was unlocked it was not unlocked account wide.
  2. There was no way to get the exact color you wanted.
  3. Dyes in the cash shop used a random number generator to give you the dye colors.
  4. Once a dye is identified it is not tradable (they are account bound).

Problem one:

The dye system was not meant to be a collector’s item, it was meant to allow you to get the colors you want and apply them to your character. Those that want to collect everything may actually welcome this change as they can collect again on every character they create. For those that only wanted to collect it all once, have fun doing so on your main. With your alts you can get the colors you want just like the rest of us were only planning on doing so in the first place. For those that argue “well you said…”: yes they may have said but things changed as things do that are under development. Don’t expect them to keep to things when they iterate. Perhaps they found problems with the old system that they are not telling us. I am sure if you think about it objectively you can find a few problems for them or us when things are account based. I can. But will not expound on it as it will only make this post unnecessarily longer and is irrelevant.

Problem two:

Crystin Cox said:

“We are working on a way for you to make the exact color of dye you want using the Mystic Forge. You will need to get a specific crafting material for each color but you will get the exact color you want.

We really don’t want dyes to be a Gem Store only feature, we understand that some people would be willing to pay more to get exact dyes or all the dyes but we want to keep some aspects of the dyes system in the game.”

Whether this pleases everyone depends completely on how they implement it in game. We will have to wait and see. So instead of complaining about how things are, state how you would like it implemented. Then we can discuss on the downfalls or upsides of your ideas. I think that is why they implemented part of the system the way they did.

Problem three:

See quote in problem two. Also I think that they put the dye system for the completionist or for those that don’t want to wait for dye drops. I can honestly see them (and hopefully they do) using identified dye (of any color) as one of the ingredients to get the color you want. This will resolve the duplicate and random drop issue with dyes for both the cash shop and in game. I still see some problems with the cash shop dyes being random but that could be solved with a voucher to get the dye you want.

Problem four:

I think they did this to make it easier to get dye, not harder. If they allowed this it would cause imbalance in the rarity of the dyes. Some dye colors, if allowed in the trading post, would cost a exorbitant amount of in-game coin, as it did in Guild Wars 1. Others you could not even give away to someone (or with the appearance that would be the case) and would be just vender trash perhaps making some dyes only obtainable by random chance.

After thinking about this a bit and following my own advice I have an idea for how I would like to see it implemented.

We can guess that due its using the Mystic Forge they are going to require 4 items. We can also guess that due to Crystin Cox’s comment that this will require crafting material. The four items could be as follows.

  1. A recipe that you purchase from an NPC near the Mystic Forge. This will allow most of the recipes to be close to the same but also be specific to get the exact item you want. The cost of the recipe is a good gold sink and the increased costs can keep with the rarity.
  2. An identified dye of any color. It needs to be any color otherwise we still run into a problem of “I can’t get the color I want.
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