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Lion’s Arch Lament

As part of ArenaNet’s recap of the first season of the Living Story, their newest piece takes a look at the most impressive music piece that got introduced to Lion’s Arch in the aftermath of Scarlet’s rampage in the trading capital. Over at the official Guild Wars 2 site Maclaine Diemer goes in-depth into the process behind the creation of the piece.

“The piece starts off with a kind of fanfare, slow and mournful, setting the tone for the sad tale that’s about to be told. From there, an oboe gently plays out the melody from “Sands of Kryta,” a piece from Guild Wars Prophecies that is strongly associated with the original Lion’s Arch. In fact, savvy players may have noticed that if you explore under water in Lion’s Arch in Guild Wars 2, you will find the sunken ruins of the original city and “Sands of Kryta” will begin to play.”

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