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Living World Season 2 – Audio: Omens and Portents

After Monday’s trailer release for the upcoming second season of the Living World, ArenaNet has today uploaded two short audio fragments hinting at an explanation for what might have happened with the Zephyrites. Below you can find both the fragment, as well as a transcript of the audio file.

Kasmeer: “Between you and me, I think these Zephyrites are hiding something.”

Rox: “What is all this Asuran googling-mook, anyway? These symbols and things make me nervous.”

The first fragment seems to hint that the Zephyrites might be aware of the stuff that has blown up their airship in the trailer, perhaps unaware of how fragile it was.

The second fragment might indicate that the asura, probably the Inquest, are involved with the shipment that has been loaded aboard the ship. If the Inquest are indeed involved, one might wonder why the Zephyrites have decided to make a trade with the Inquest in the first place.

What are your thoughts about the cause of the explosion? What would the Zephyrites have been interested in that caused their ship to crash in the western area next Brisban Wildlands?

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