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Living World Season 2: Seeds of Truth is out!

The Living World’s seventh episode, Seeds of Truth, has arrived.  This time, you’re tasked with tracking down Caithe by revisiting her past with the aid of the Pale Tree.  What secrets lie in her early memories?  Meanwhile, The Silverwastes continues to open for players, introducing skritt tunnels for faster travel and a new jumping puzzle.  The update also includes additions to the Carapace and Luminescent armor sets, earned by taking part in the instanced and open world content, and the promised update to the PvP system.

The update includes a few bug fixes and game polish, two new Collections, updates to Black Lion Chest drops (including very rare drops of home instance unlocks for orichalcum ore, elder wood logs, omnomberries, snow truffles, and lotuses).  Wintersday items have reappeared including the Winter’s weapons skins (2 Black Lion Tickets), and Wintersday Minis 3-Pack, Toy Golem, Toy Soldier, Plush Griffon, Princess Doll, Toy Ventari, and Fancy Winter Outfit are now available in the Gem Store.

A new mail carrier customization has also been added to the Equipment section of the Hero panel.  Once unlocked, players can select the default mail carrier for every character on their account to receive mail from the game or send their mail to other players.

Full patch notes for the Seeds of Truth update can be found here. Log in any time between now and the next update to add the chapter to your Living World journal.

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