Looking Back On Their Roots: The Mesmer

By Draxynnic

Mesmers. Few hold ambivalent opinions regarding this profession – most players either love or hate these masters (or, it has to be said, more commonly mistresses) of manipulation. For those that like them, they represent a unique experience and one of the iconic features that distinguishes the franchise from the competition. For others, Mesmers are frustrating to play against, offer nothing useful as a party member, and generally add nothing worthwhile to the game.

Those in the latter group may well have celebrated during the initial information releases of the gameplay of Guild Wars 2. Enchantments and hexes were out. Skills that manipulated energy were out. Direct interrupt skills (as opposed to skills inflicting conditions that just happen to prevent a skill from being completed) were out. Since these removals pretty much spanned the base of the Guild Wars 1 mesmer’s skillbase, this pretty much left the mesmer in a bit of a bind that led many to believe it would go the way the monk had already been revealed to have gone.

No hexes? No interrupts? No energy management? Well… dang.

However, as more information came, increasing evidence mounted that mesmers were, at the very least, still a part of the world of Tyria. First, along with the “Blue Mace Lady

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