A Luminescent Discovery

To the people of Tyria,

The past few weeks here in the Silverwastes have been slow and repetitive. The Pact has finally dug in a solid foothold position with Camp Resolve, and we have managed to successfully garrison four old, ruined forts that lay scattered throughout the barren wasteland. These forts serve the Pact well as check points and launching pads for reconnaissance missions deeper within the Maguuma Jungle and Wastes. With the addition of these forts, the battle here has essentially ground to a stalemate. With our forces so well fortified throughout the region, the mordrem can no longer catch us off guard or unawares. Furthermore, butchering the mordrem becomes easier with each passing day as every soldier becomes more proficient with flamethrowers, explosives, and fire magic, which have proven to be the most effective tools against the foul creatures. As a result, fending them off has become an almost routine, mundane exercise.

In light of this confounding boredom, I have turned to observing the impressive feats of science and engineering that the skilled Pact artisans and tinkerers come up with around Camp Resolve. Why, only yesterday I witnessed the ongoing construction of what appeared to be an enormous metal devourer, all spikes and jagged metal plates! ‘Twas a truly frightening spectacle. However, today I saw something completely unexpected. It was a group of adventurers, mercenaries, here for either pay or glory, take your pick, wearing some of the most spectacular yet peculiar armor I have ever seen. It’s design was elegant and that of a skilled craftsman, but it was not the design that spurred my writing today. It was the armor’s color! A bright, iridescent, all-encompassing blue, possessed of its own rather jarring glow. That’s right: their armor glowed! At first, I assumed they must either be powerful mages or have bought the equipment from a powerful mage, for how else other than magic could such color and behavior be achieved? However, upon inquiring after the armor to a group of Priory scholars, I was astonished to learn that the armor’s unique properties are actually a product of science! Apparently, the color and radiance comes from a synthetic coating (Luminescent coating, they’re calling it) made from certain materials present in the mordrem. A small group of Pact scientists have been commissioning the extraction of mordrem organs and body parts to aid in the perfection of this colorful mixture, as it is possible that it could catch on as a fashion trend in Divinity’s Reach and provide this desolate region with some form of economic relevance. Mildly revolting as it may be, I personally know several nobles who would absolutely adore the look in question, and I have little doubt this Luminescent clothing will catch on in no time at all!

With all due respect,

Ellis Knox

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