GuildMag Issue 1: The Fires of Tyria

The May issue of GuildMag has arrived! We have wide range of articles prepared for you as well as some fan-art, a theme remix, comedy, lore an interview with ArenaNet revealing something special.

This issue’s theme is The Fires of Tyria in conjunction with that we have articles the dragons on Tyria, Balthazar and the Ring of Fire islands.

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In This Issue

  • Meet the Team
    A small introduction of the team behind GuildMag.
  • The Powerful Dragons of Tyria
    An insight look at the dragons residing in Tyria.
  • MantleCon 2010
    Missed this awesome community event? Here’s a chance to catch up!
  • Guild Wars: Beyond
    A recap of the on-going campaign in Guild Wars.
  • Balthazar: Fire and War
    The story behind Balthazar and the Menzies.
  • On the Tube with Daelin Dwin
    A partial sum-up of the best or funniest Guild Wars videos found on YouTube.
  • Guild Wars 2 Interview with Ree Soesbee
    Check out this exclusive interview with ArenaNet!
  • The Charr in GW2
    How the Charr became who they are in Guild Wars 2.
  • Guild Wars Factions Remix
    A beautiful and original twist to the Factions theme.
  • Call of the Wolf
    A roman about a young woman in Ascalon.
  • Bar Jokes with Arghore
    A Charr, a Norn and an Asura walk into a bar…
  • Ring of Fire Islands
    The lore behind the deadly islands.
  • Fan-made Artwork by Matt Lara (Charlie Dayman)
    Gorgeous artwork by a Guild Wars fan.
  • The Mirage
    An insight into the economy of Guild Wars.

If you want to submit your own piece of work for our next issue, you can do so by checking out

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