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Making the Battle of Kyhlo

In a followup to their last entry on The Battle of Kyhlo PvP map, ArenaNet gives us the details of its development from a host of team members. From the lore to the voiceover to the coding, there’s a ton of info in this post. It’s no doubt the next best thing to actually playing it (lucky lucky!).

 The Clocktower has multiple areas that players can destroy–the two side walls with trebuchets, and all the windows with player skills–as well as the ability for players to scramble up on the roof and attack people down below with ranged attacks. When the two sides are blown off with the trebuchet, players then have easy access through holes in the roof to attack people in the capture point below (although people on the roof are easy targets for the trebuchets). I built the Clocktower prop itself, and my two fellow artists, Nate Baerwald and James Barwick, took on the task of blowing it up. There are also smaller destructible buildings, walls, crates, and wagons scattered throughout the map, all of which helps to change up the game every time it’s played.


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