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Mike Ferguson Takes Your WvW Questions

Over at the ArenaNet blog, Mike Ferguson announced that he’ll be doing another Reddit AmA on the ArenaNet reddit page about World versus World! Over at the blog, he also answers some questions on siege blueprints, bonuses, server transfers, waypoints, the map population cap and the day/night cycle which have popped up since the Press Beta about WvW! So head over to the ArenaNet blogpage to read up on those answers! I’ve included some of them below as well.

Server Transfers

Some of our more astute fans asked about the complications involved with switching servers and how it would interact with world bonuses. Every account has a home server where your characters are created. You can only fight for your home world in WvW. You can visit other servers, and while you are visiting, you still get the world bonus from your home world instead of the bonus for the world you are visiting. If you switch your home server, you lose the bonus from your previous home world and are not eligible for the bonus for your new server at least until the beginning of the next battle for the Mists. We may extend this disqualification into the next match or possibly even longer to discourage people from switching servers right before a battle ends in order to get an awesome bonus. You will have to pay a fee to change your home server (price undetermined), and that will also discourage people from server hopping to chase world bonuses.

Day/Night Cycle

A few people wondered if WvW has a day-night cycle, and it does!  Let  me tell you this: seeing a trebuchet fire in the night is something you  have to experience. Words just can’t accurately describe the sight of a  giant flaming arc of doom sweeping across the night sky!


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