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Mike O’Brien on prepurchasing the Collector’s Edition

As I mentioned to some folks in my alliance the other night, there’s a lot of confusion about physical purchases of the Guild Wars 2 Collector’s Edition. Some retailers are taking advantage of that and there have been anecdotal reports about some suppliers being “sold out” already. To help dispel some of the confusion, Mike O’Brien posted the following information to Reddit:

Hi all,

I’ve seen a lot of concerns raised here about how and where to prepurchase the Collector’s Edition before it sells out, so I’d like to offer some clarifications.

Retailers accepting reservations before April 10

The street date of prepurchase keys is April 10. Any retailer who distributes them before then is breaking the street date and risks losing their allocation of keys. When we become aware of retailers not abiding by a street date, we contact them immediately and get the situation resolved.

However, we can’t prevent retailers from taking reservations from customers expressing interest in unreleased products. They do that without any guidance or support from us. For example, here are some two-year-old images of retailers who created their own box art or release dates to encourage customers to place reservations for Guild Wars 2 at that time.

A reservation is not the same as a prepurchase. If you previously placed a reservation, you should contact your retailer on April 10 and confirm that they will charge you the full purchase price on that date and send you a key that gives you access to beta events.

We appreciate the community’s efforts to keep us informed about what’s happening in their countries. Keep doing so and we’ll do our best to resolve issues with retailers and distributors.

I know many of you are disappointed that your local Amazon site isn’t offering prepurchases of the Collector’s Edition. In order to support prepurchase of Collector’s Edition, a retailer needs to be able to provide a digital code at the time of purchase, and then also deliver a physical box when the game is released. We’ve worked with each local Amazon operation to enable this but at this time many have determined that their systems don’t support it. Thus they won’t be selling the Collector’s Edition prepurchase, and we’ve reallocated their units to other retailers.

Since individual Amazon markets have different systems and policies, we are fortunate that Amazon France will be able to support the Collector’s Edition prepurchase and will begin selling it on April 10.

If you’re just looking to prepurchase the game from Amazon and don’t need the Collector’s Edition, you can still buy either of the digital editions through them. If you’re looking to prepurchase the Collector’s Edition online, try the alternatives listed here.


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