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Mike O’Brien on the Guild Wars 2 Beta

At the ArenaNet blog, Mike O’Brien chips in to talk a bit about the first Beta Weekend Event and what they learned from it. He also officially announces the stress test, come monday May 14th and re-emphasises that you’ll keep the character from the last Beta Weekend Event during this 7-hour long test. It’s also good to mention that the upcoming test will include the same build as the one that was available during the first BWE, meaning that you won’t find many things changed from then.

Fortunately, the vast majority of players were able to get into the game and experience Guild Wars 2 in all its glory. Seeing Tyria come alive, with players interacting with dynamic events or engaging in epic World vs. World battles, was an amazing experience. We’ve highlighted some of the great coverage coming out of the Beta Weekend in another blog post, but suffice it say that we were blown away by the reaction from the community. The positive feedback just strengthens our resolve to deliver the best game possible.

Source: ArenaNet 

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