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Mike O’Brien on the Status of Guild Wars 2

Mike O’Brien has poted on Reddit to inform us about some important issues. Here are some highlights of the post, but if you’ve got the time, head over to Reddit to read the full announcement.

  • Account security: If you want to keep your account from being compromised, make sure that you are using a password for your Guild Wars 2 account that you have never used and aren’t using for any other account. The same goes for your email account connected to your Guild Wars 2 account. ArenaNet themselves are working on increasing security as well, of course.
  • Full worlds: Especially the starting areas are crowded, so being put on overflow shards is to be expected. For our French and German players, new worlds will be added as their current ones are getting too full.
  • Issues with guilds, parties, the trading post: They’re still working on those issues, but from the sound of it, they’re slowly but steadily making progress. The trading post got tested with a random 15% of players yesterday and it’s now back in maintenance.
  • In-game mail: They have temporarily disabled in-game mail between players to prevent a “potential abuse”.  This one could be fixed in the next update which will happen today. – ArenaNet added an update stating that they will leave it disabled until email authentication is working, as right now, the “hackers” are unable to steal anything from compromised accounts.

Source: Mike O’Brien on Reddit

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